1B-S09-Quiz-10 - 4(2 a What types of radiation are...

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Quiz 10 Name: Chem 1B, Spring 10 Fossum ( E) = ( m)c 2 c = 3.00 × 10 8 m/sec 1 J = 1 kg•m 2 /sec 2 6.022 × 10 23 particles/mol mass of proton = 1.007825 amu mass of neutron = 1.008665 amu 1. (7) The mass of a 127 I nucleus is 126.9004 amu. Calculate the binding energy of this nucleus in kJ/mole. Also calculate the binding energy per nucleon. 2. (2) When the compound FeBr 3 •5NH 3 is dissolved in water, conductivity measurements show that it splits into 3 ions per formula unit. In addition, when excess AgNO 3 (aq) is added to the solution, 2 moles of AgBr precipitate for every 1 mole of the compound. Based on this information, write the correct formula of this compound. Explain your reasoning. What is the coordination number of the metal ion in this complex? 3. (2) What is “background radiation”, and what are some sources of background radiation?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. (2) a. What types of radiation are considered to be “ionizing radiation”? b. What are the biological effects of ionizing radiation? 5. (1) Write the electron configuration (noble-gas notation is fine) for Ni 2+ . 6. (3) a. Starting with pure silicon, what element could you dope it with to get a p-type semiconductor? Explain your reasoning. b. Show band diagrams for pure Si and doped Si (p-type). Which one conducts electricity better and why? 7. (3) Explain why elements in group 6B have higher melting points and are harder than elements either before or after group 6B on the periodic table. Show band diagrams as part of your explanation....
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1B-S09-Quiz-10 - 4(2 a What types of radiation are...

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