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Stockhold1 Olesia Stockhold Eng.122-012 Inst. April Lewandowski Maya Lin Summary 4 September 2011 Maya Lin Summary In her essay, “Between Art and Architecture,” Vietnam War Memorial designer Maya Lin discusses her design from its conception to its birth. Lin, a student of architecture at Yale University, begins the design process as a class project in funereal architecture and eventually submits it to a contest being held by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. She goes into detail giving her thoughts about what a memorial should and shouldn’t be regarding war. Not wanting to make a politically influenced statement about war, she focuses on the people who gave their lives during the war never giving reference to the reasons why the war had been fought so that it could bring a universal response in spite of any
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Unformatted text preview: person’s opinion of the war. Lin describes the frustrating process she goes through after her design is selected. As she reveals the events leading up to the building of the memorial, Lin makes clear that what she had calculatingly designed as an apolitical gesture of appreciation to those who served and died in Vietnam, had become the opposite, a political space where the living would be able to continue the political dispute and tension brought on by the war from years before. Eventually, the memorial is built with changes that Lin feared distracted from her original intention. However, Lin leaves the essay describing her own experience visiting the memorial and how it gave her the same feeling she had envisioned when she first came up with the concept for the design ....
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