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Stockhold 1 Olesia Stockhold Eng 122-012 Instr. April Lewandowski Maya Lin Response 1/26/10 Maya Lin Response In Maya Lin’s piece, “Between Art and Architecture,” Lin provides a first-rate writing structure that allows the reader to gain a clear account of the process she went through during the creation of the Vietnam Memorial. Lin writes, “I had a simple impulse to cut into the earth. I imagined taking a knife and cutting into the earth, opening it up, an initial violence and pain that would take time to heal. (Lin 371)” This is a great example of the way Lin recounts how she came up with ideas for the memorial, and what exactly they meant. One may not be fully aware of the reason the memorial is submerged into the earth, but the way Lin describes it all makes perfect sense.
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Unformatted text preview: Lin writes, “I was driven down to D.C the day of my college graduation, and I immediately became part of an internal struggle for control of my design. (Lin 375)” At this point in her work the reader is made aware of what is to come and reminded of what has passed which makes for an excellent transition between paragraphs. She moves the story along so that the reader is never bored, and reminds the reader along the way of what is going on so that they never get lost. With her coherent and consistent structure of writing, Lin captures what it was like to be her at the time and gives the reader an understanding of everything that went on in the creation of her piece....
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