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Stockhold1 Olesia Stockhold English 122-012 April Lewandowski 4 September 2011 Summary/ Response: Giroux In his essay, “Children’s Culture and Disney’s Animated Films,” Henry Giroux, a professor and author in the fields of education and cultural studies, examines the often-misguided messages coming from the corporate giant Disney, in its films and merchandise. Giroux begins the essay by pointing out that Disney films have come to be teachers in young people’s lives, and unfortunately has not endured the criticism that it should with such an important role due to its considerable public relations team. He mentions Disney’s multibillion-dollar marketing strategies and business ventures such as owning Internet servers and charitable foundations, and believes that Disney has made its way into every aspect of American life from sports teams, radio stations, to an entire town in Florida. Next, Giroux goes on to talk about Disney films, especially those released after 1989, as being highly successful, and exceedingly overlooked by critics regarding their deeply racist, overly sexist and historically inaccurate stories and themes, due to the fact that they are geared toward the entertainment of children. Giroux proceeds to
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sumrespg - Stockhold1 Olesia Stockhold English 122-012...

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