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Chem 241A – Dr. Koerner D2L Quiz 3 – Answers Question 1 (1 point) Save Choose the structure above that corresponds to the following name: 6-ethyl-4-isopropyldecane A) B) C) D) Question 2 (1 point) Save Provide the IUPAC name for above compound. 4-ethyl-5,6-dimethyloctane 2-secbutyl-3-ethylhexane 5-propyl-3,4-dimethylheptane 5-ethyl-3,4-dimethyloctane
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Question 3 (1 point) Save Cipro® (Ciprofloxacin) is a synthetic broad spectrum antibacterial agent. A couple years back, it was in the news as the antibiotic of choice for the treatment of anthrax. The structure of Cipro is shown above. Choose the correct statment below. The structure contains an ester functional group and a primary amine. The structure contains a carboxylic acid functional group and two tertiary amines. The structure contains an aldehyde functional group and a cyclopropyl group. The structure contains a ketone functional group and two secondary amines. Question 4
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Chem 241A-Quiz3Answers_annotated - Chem241ADr.Koerner...

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