Frienemies Outline

Frienemies Outline - Phil 003 Frienemies (affirmitive)...

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Phil 003 “Frienemies” (affirmitive) Outline Andrew Coppa, Taylor Goss, Lyle Foster, Rachel Macy A) Introduction 1) Define the topic of Frienemy. 1a) A “frienemy” is an enemy disguised as a friend or someone that is simultaneously a rival and a competitor 2) State the position will be taking 2a) We will be going against the stance of affirmative frienemies. 3) How are we going to present and display our stance. B) Body Paragraphs 1) Use Examples to support the view. a. Modern Examples; Such as movie and/or t.v shows. b. Examples of the information philosophers presented. 2) Incorporate the Philosophers we studied in class. a. Many information and opinions of well-respected philosophers has been presented to us. Use this to support our view of going against frienemies. b. Use quotes and specific examples used in the readings. 3) Research other vies and opinions of different philosophers that we have not studied in class. 4) Express our own vies and our own opinions.
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Frienemies Outline - Phil 003 Frienemies (affirmitive)...

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