Frienemies - Phil 003 Frienemies (affirmative) Proposal...

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Phil 003 “Frienemies” (affirmative) Proposal Taylor Goss, Lyle Foster, Rachel Macy, Andrew Coppa A “frienemy” is an enemy disguised as a friend or someone that is simultaneously a rival and a competitor. This term is used to describe relationships among individuals, groups or institutions. A frienemy can range from someone who is manipulative and deceiving to someone who is selfish and unkind. One might call a frienemy a “fake” person or a “backstabber.” When dealing with frienemies always trust your first instincts because they usually prove to be correct. Sometimes they’re hard to decipher, usually when they have more positive qualities then negative ones. We are against our topic of agreeing with people being “frienemies”. Frienemies cannot be real friends. According to the definition, they are not being sincere to you. If someone is not sincere and is being manipulative towards you, how can one go towards them for advice and guidance? Isn’t that a major factor in being a friend? A frienemy is
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Frienemies - Phil 003 Frienemies (affirmative) Proposal...

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