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Coppa1 Andrew Coppa Engl015 Sarah Salter 7/16/10 Conquering My Fear Lacking the knowledge and skills in reading and writing, makes English my most feared subject. It is my Achilles heel, to my otherwise flawless academic shield. I despise reading and writing, never doing more then what is required for me to do in school. Now, with this writing assignment, my brain is cringing to the fact I am doing what I fear most. My parents and teachers have always repeatedly told me I am a bright individual, my accomplishments in other subjects support their analysis. I approach and conquer math, science, and history like a gold medal Olympic winner, yet faced with writing; I freeze like a deer in headlights. To me writing is a foundation to nothing less then stress and frustration. A useless hassle and aimless boredom, which I should not waste effort on. Accordingly, I’ve warded off this department for as long as I can remember and put all my time and effort into the areas I found relevant. The writing compartment in my brain is extremely confined. A typical sentence of mine usually begins with “I”, “It”, “The” or “Because.” I find it intensely difficult to create sophisticated and smooth sentences I’ve seen in others people’s work. It feels like there’s a blockade in my mind, restricting me to access the ideas and concepts that allow me to become a flourishing writer. When will I plow through this blockade?
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Coppa2 When I'm actually writing, I write as fast as a turtle can crawl. A two page paper,
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Literacy Narrative - Coppa1 Andrew Coppa Engl015 Sarah...

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