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Nutrition - Assignment 7 - NUTR 251 Introductory Principles...

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NUTR 251: Introductory Principles of Nutrition Your Healthy Diet Plan Name: Andrew Coppa Sec 001 Objective: 1. To develop a diet that meets the major dietary standards and guidelines discussed throughout this course. 2. To better understand the relationship between foods and nutrients. Procedures: 1. Create a one-day diet plan which meets all of the dietary guidelines listed below. To get started, I recommend you use the MyPyramid as your blueprint for the general types and amounts of foods needed for one day. Then, as you select specific foods, think about the best food choices needed to meet the other guidelines. For example, the MyPyramid indicates you need a minimum of 6 servings of grains with a kcalorie need of 2000 kcalories per day. The Dietary Guidelines states you should choose a variety of grains daily, with at least 3 servings of whole grains. Thus, start with the blueprint of at least 6 servings of grains and when selecting specific foods, select primarily whole grains. Rules for your food selection : You cannot eat any more than 1 cup of a fortified breakfast cereal or a fortified bar or shake. Do not choose a product that has 100% of all vitamins and minerals such as Total, Product 19 or Total Raisin Bran breakfast cereals, Complete cereals, power bars, protein shakes, and instant breakfast. Do not include a vitamin or mineral supplement. Choose foods you like to eat. Healthy does not mean boring! Including some treats or a dessert on your menu is acceptable and encouraged. Note: If you have a health condition which makes it difficult to meet recommendations such as a food allergy or intolerance or digestive disease etc., please just write a note to your instructor. Dietary guidelines you must meet: a. MyPyramid: at least your recommended intakes for each food group. (You do NOT need to meet the discretionary kcalories guideline.) b. Dietary Guidelines for Americans: Balance calories from foods and beverages with kcalories expended. For this project you must be within 10% of your recommend kcalorie intake. Carbohydrates
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Nutrition - Assignment 7 - NUTR 251 Introductory Principles...

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