Untalented Celebrities

Untalented Celebrities - Coppa Andrew Coppa Sarah Salter...

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Coppa 1 Andrew Coppa Sarah Salter Engl 015 7/23/10 Re-Definition: Celebrities In today’s world, it doesn’t take much to become famous, just one big break through. As much as everybody prompts these “wannabes” as stars, in fact they are nothing less then phonies. A celebrity is understood as having some kind of talent that prompted others to talk about them, and helped them gain notoriety. (Oxford 3) That is not the case anymore; untalented celebrities overflow the present day pop culture world. Talent is a capacity for achievement or success; an ability that one possesses. (Oxford 2) This ability can be anything from singing, acting or being athletic. Exceptional talent should not be overlooked, and should not be wasted. Many who possess these profound skills, do not appreciate their gift and take it for granted. The ones that work with their god given talent and have ambition to become great usually become extremely successful. I believe everyone has some kind of talent, but a celebrity must have a great amount of talent that gets him or her recognized. Singers, Actors or actresses and athletes all have immense talent. Not all of them are celebrities, but the ones that are; qualify the standard of what a celebrity should be. A celebrity is someone with fame. This fame should be conquered through that person’s ability ant talent, not
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Coppa 2 because of someone’s looks or for acting stupidly. That’s the problem with today’s pop
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Untalented Celebrities - Coppa Andrew Coppa Sarah Salter...

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