HUM111_week5_assessment[1] - Title Discerning the...

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Unformatted text preview: Title Discerning the Difference Between Issues and Problems Assessment A: Distinguishing Between an Issue and a Problem It's a problem - I think most people would agree that a single use of drugs could potentially be deadly. That is a bit general. We need to come up with as many ways to express the problem as possible. At lunch? No - we need to do a lot more research and thinking about this. Otherwise, we won't know if we are actually focused on a solution or not. Assessment B, Part 1: Email a Friend about the Issue/Problem of Interest The challenge of teenage drug abuse is finding a way to deter adolescents from experimenting with drugs. This is a problem that can be surrounded by many issues. It would be essential to develop a specific question in order to develop a solution that is effective. Research is needed in order to come up with the appropriate question that is not develop a solution that is effective....
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HUM111_week5_assessment[1] - Title Discerning the...

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