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Axia College Material Appendix B Final Exam Access the Electronic Reserve Readings link on your student Web site for Week Nine. Select one of the topics below and read both articles that present opposing sides of the argument surrounding that topic. o Animal experimentation o Outsourcing o Media violence Answer the following questions in paragraphs of approximately 100 words demonstrating your critical and creative thinking skills. 1. Identify if the topic you chose, as presented by both articles, is a problem or an issue and explain what makes it a problem or an issue. If you believe the articles present both problems and issues, identify and explain what the problems are and what the issues are. The topic I chose is animal experimentation. This topic is an issue. The reason this topic is an issue and not a problem is that the topic divides informed, intelligent people. Dr. Carlson feels that money poured into animal research is wasted as animal systems vary too greatly from human systems. This tends to lead the medical community and researchers down wrong paths. She feels that the money would be better put to use in conducting prevention research. Cindy Mur feels that great leaps in medicine have been made through animal experimentation that promotes human mortality. Many people agree with one or the other causing a partisan split regarding the topic of animal experimentation. HUM/111
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2. Were the problems or issues expressed effectively? Describe how the problems or issues were or were not best expressed. The issue was best expressed by Cindy Mur in the article that supports animal experimentation. The challenge was clearly identified. The expression was not vague. Dr. Carlson used thinking techniques such as either or, double standard, and irrational appeal to drive her expression. These types of thinking can lead to errors in truth, and should be eliminated from the argument. She felt that none of the research dollars should be allocated to animal experimentation, and instead fund prevention research. There was no room to accommodate both views which may help to promote medical advances. She also lists low percentages for valid outcomes from animal experimentation as a means to corroborate her argument, without considering the advances made from those outcomes. She advocates for the use of human trials instead of animal experimentation which creates a double standard. Finally there is a sense of irrational appeal within her argument because she wants the reader to throw out animal experimentation due to the suffering that is being hidden
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hum111r3_Appendix_B[1] - Axia College Material Appendix B...

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