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HUM 111-Together We Stand Letter - 1 Together We Stand...

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1 Together We Stand Letter Together We Stand Letter Tara VonGulner HUM/111 Critical and Creative Thinking November 14, 2010 Pamela Green Axia College of University of Phoenix
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2 Together We Stand Letter Dear Community: I am writing this letter to you, my fellow citizens, to address the extensive and similar illnesses that many members of our beloved community face. This illness is called acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) and it affects our community more than the national average. According to Mayo Clinic (2010), "It's not clear what causes the DNA mutations that lead to leukemia. Radiation, exposure to certain chemicals and some chemotherapy drugs may play a role.” (Causes, para. 2). After making many hospital visits, I began to wonder why our community has been afflicted with this disease in such high concentrations. Surely this had to be caused by something other than genetics. Thoroughly investigating this problem has led me to come to the conclusion that our local utility company is responsible for the high occurrence of AML seen in our community. I applied several strategies to investigating our problem. The first strategy I used was to collect as much information as possible regarding the occurrence of AML in our community. I
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HUM 111-Together We Stand Letter - 1 Together We Stand...

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