ETH 125-Checkpoint- Modern Challenges in Immigration

ETH 125-Checkpoint- Modern Challenges in Immigration -...

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The immigration process is frustrating and confusing. There are many forms that would be difficult to fill out without mastery of the English language. The costs to file the forms are expensive. I would also feel the need to pay additional monies to an attorney to navigate the system for me. The time frames for processing the forms are very lengthy. The immigration system is so daunting that it appears to try to keep people from immigrating to the United States instead of welcoming potential new citizens. United States policy should favor immigrants that would be given refugee status only. Refugees are people who face the fear of persecution because of race, religion, nationality, belonging to social groups, or political beliefs. Refugees are unable to be safe within their own country and are forced to seek a new home. The safety of refugees makes it imperative that they are favored within the United States policy. Outside of refugees, preference should not be given to any applicant. The process should
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Unformatted text preview: remain the same for all applicants. The United States represents itself as being the land of equal opportunity to the outside world, and the immigration process should reflect that idea. Without equality the potential for exploitation would be greater among certain groups of applicants. Selecting applicants based on wealth and talent would help to establish a designer country that would grow further from its claim of equal opportunity. Applications from certain countries should only be given priority if the applicants were seeking refugee or asylum status. Again this would serve to protect the safety of the applicants from persecution of rights that the citizens of the United States are born with. All other applicants should be given the same preference so that the system remains equally available to all groups. This would serve to keep the system impartial, ethical, and just....
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