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PSY 201-Social Development Research

PSY 201-Social Development Research - 1 Social Development...

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1 Social Development Research Social Development Research Tara Von Gulner PSY/201- Foundations of Psychology November 7, 2010 Janet Foston Axia College of University of Phoenix
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2 Social Development Research There are many issues that affect the social development of adults. One particular issue is the midlife transition and more specifically how this transition affects the development of the adult woman. Laurel Lippert wrote an article entitled “Women at Midlife: Implications for Theories of Women’s Adult Development” that addresses this specific issue. This article is appealing because it discusses issues that are on the horizon of my future as an adult woman entering my mid-thirties. The article first acknowledges the fact that more studies have been done on the transition of men entering midlife than women. This has led to many beliefs about women and midlife transitions that are not founded on scientific evidence. These beliefs include the empty nest
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