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Psy 201-Testing a Theory - 1 Testing a Theory Tara M Von...

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1 Testing a Theory Tara M. Von Gulner PSY/201 Foundations of Psychology October 3, 2010 Janet Foston Axia College of University of Phoenix
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2 I use Tide laundry soap and Downy fabric softener when I do my laundry at home. I grew up in a home where Tide and Downy were the choice products for laundry. I also have contact dermatitis and am weary when it comes to changing any soap product. However, recently, I decided to try a store brand in place of my much loved soap. I was looking at ways to decrease my grocery bill, and expensive laundry soap seemed to be a key area to help affect that change. I used the store brand for a month before coming to any conclusions. The first thing that I noticed was that it was more watery. None of the scents available compared to the smell that I was used to from Tide and the matching Downy. In the spirit of giving the new laundry soap a chance, I decided that those things were minor, and I could adapt to the change. I also looked at how my skin behaved with the new soap. It did not seem to flare my skin condition, so I was able to
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