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BUS 210- Checkpoint-Code of Ethics

BUS 210- Checkpoint-Code of Ethics - form This will allow...

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If I were to start my own company it would be in the social services field. The ethical code of my company would be to promote self-sufficiency for families without infringing upon their basic rights. The most important rule for my company would be that the family comes first and everything that my employees do must support the family without overstepping boundaries. Employees must work with the family collaboratively without pushing personal practices or beliefs upon the customer. Employees must also agree to never personally service a friend or family member so that all decisions made on the case remain impartial. Employees must also agree to never pursue a personal relationship with any customer. This will allow the customer to avoid exploitation. The next set of rules would be to secure customer confidentiality. Employees must never make available personal information to others without a signed release of information
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Unformatted text preview: form. This will allow the family to be comfortable with making personal disclosures that allow proper case management without fearing retribution. The client’s right to privacy is protected from public disclosure. Finally there would be a chain of command instituted for both customer and employee to follow from the lowest level possible. All levels within the chain of command would institute an open-door policy. The rules that would affect my business would be the utilitarian rule, justice rule, moral rights rule, and practical rule. All of these rules complement each other and ensure that public disclosure would not harm the company. The stakeholders’ interests are protected. Decisions benefit the greatest amount of stakeholders. Stakeholders’ fundamental rights are protected. People equally share benefits and risks. Finally, the company can grow by following ethical rules....
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