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BUS 210-Job Fair Brochure

BUS 210-Job Fair Brochure - Running head JOB FAIR BROCHURE...

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Running head: JOB FAIR BROCHURE 1 Job Fair Brochure Tara Von Gulner BUS/210 January 22, 2011 Miryan Nogueira Axia College of University of Phoenix
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JOB FAIR BROCHURE 2 Lucky Players’ Club A fun place to work! Do you often wish that you worked somewhere that was fun and energetic? Are you a team player who would like to help a company grow? Do you feel that you are creative and want to share your ideas? If the answers to these questions are yes, then the Lucky Players’ Club may be a great fit for you. Company Information: The Lucky Players’ Club is a sole proprietorship. The company is set up within a functional structure. Each function operates separately. There is a full service restaurant. For the player on the go, we offer a snack bar. A full service bar provides many thirst quenching choices for our players. We offer a pro shop that will offer top quality cue sticks and supplies. The pro shop staff will also be responsible for hourly table rentals. Fun loving waiters and waitress will round out our staff. Our company will be dedicated to customer service. Currently, many pool players are forced to play at local pubs on crowded and neglected tables. There is no facility that caters to the serious pool player in our area. Pool players are pining for a place to call home that will host top notch tournaments on well kept tables. We will offer table rentals so that the pool player can pay for an hour of table time instead of per game. Each of our tables will be well maintained with frequent cloth replacements to ensure quality play. By dedicating ourselves to the needs of serious pool players, we will fill a much needed niche in our area. Our company culture values employees who are motivated, energetic, and creative. Every
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BUS 210-Job Fair Brochure - Running head JOB FAIR BROCHURE...

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