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COM155_Appendix A-Exercise 688

COM155_Appendix A-Exercise 688 - Quiz Name of Attempts...

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Student Score Card Overview of Tara Von Gulner's scores Print View Don't see your quiz results? Check back in a bit - there can be a 15 minute lag between taking a quiz and results being posted. If you check back and still don't see your results, contact techsupport . Tara Von Gulner: 91% Average Filter results by Instructor's email address:
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Unformatted text preview: Quiz Name # of Attempts Average Score First Score Last Score Highest Score Lowest Score 688 Capitalizing proper nouns 1 (view all attempts) 90% Average 90% (9/10) (view details) 90% (9/10) (view details) 90% (9/10) (view details) 90% (9/10) (view details)...
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