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COM155-Appendix C-Week 3 - r" blue_pencil Windows...

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Unformatted text preview: r'" blue_pencil - Windows Internet Explorer @615 v a http:,l,lmedia.pearsoncmgtcornl'pcoi'ocp_93399_mwl_axiauoplGA_commasi'index.htrnl V. lgll‘THXl bBing File Edit View Favorites Tools Help X ”WindowsLive Bing E ' What'sNew Profile Mail Photos Calendar MSN Share ‘ ‘.” ' g ' a}, fl Favorites l 1% 1’ ecamous Login E] The Ultimate Steal presenter” a Littlest Pet Shop Online a Suggested Sites ' a Free Hotrnail % Pogo Games ‘5! Live Search Club a Login - Whitnall School District 8 Escape From Paradise Strat... t, Materials: COMJ'ISS UNIVERH. ' El & ' Page v Safetv v Tc DETfltl LS Last summer one of my brothers Hugo got a job as a secretary at a fire academyi This academy . A A trains over 4000 firefighters a year. Each day doring lunch Hugo would watch training exercises. A A Instructors and cadets would set large structures on fire and then they would use different substances A to put out the flames. Once they set fire to 10.000 gallons of liquid petroleum gasA which was pretty scary. The academy also had equipment that would simulate burning buildings?" fields/end ships . soon: 95 nmrmua 0l10 ...
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