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COM 156- Rough Draft of Your Final Paper Questions

COM 156- Rough Draft of Your Final Paper Questions -...

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1) I believe I used process analysis in my paragraph describing the steps for planning for retirement. It will help my reader understand the process of retirement planning. It is not a precise step by step guide, but offers the key components to retirement planning. I believe it is effective to use process analysis in my essay because it helps me to show why retirement planning is essential, and how easy it can be. Showing the ease of retirement planning is necessary if I want to persuade a reader into considering my viewpoint. If I failed to show it was easy through process analysis, my readers might get frustrated and decide that it is not worth
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Unformatted text preview: planning for retirement. 2) I have used cause and effect throughout my essay. My essay shows how basic needs are barely covered by relying on Social Security alone. It also shows the uncertainty of future Social Security benefits as laid out by the Deputy Director of the Social Security Administration. Again, I think that it is important to include cause and effect so that my readers will be persuaded to plan for retirement. Without showing what will happen if retirement planning is not completed, my paper would lack conviction. This would not persuade any reader to agree with my viewpoint of this topic....
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