HUM 176- Assessment-WK 6

HUM 176- Assessment-WK 6 - Title Electronic Games and...

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Unformatted text preview: Title Electronic Games and Entertainment Assessment A - Exploring the Influence and Controversy of Modern Electronic Games How do you think video games positively impact our culture? Video games help to promote family time by making games that can be played by everyone. It also helps to get society moving and exercising in a way that is fun and comfortable because it is in the home. Games can also help members of society connect with each other through virtual communities. Important societal issues may be addressed through games. Which games have been the most influential within the last few years? I think games such as Animal Crossing have been the most influential because they help create a community, and draw the players into being good neighbors. I also believe Wii games have been influential to drawing the family into gaming with eachother, especially with games such as Family Game Night. Families are able to interact in a whole new way. How does our culture impact video games? Our culture has helped video games evolve from the simple shoot 'em ups to games that are complex. These games offer different types of communities for people to express themselves and learn about real world topics. The example of Master Dynasty helping to show how effective "green" living can be shows how culture has helped to evolve video games.learn about real world topics....
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HUM 176- Assessment-WK 6 - Title Electronic Games and...

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