HUM 176- Tracking the Intersection of Culture and Media

HUM 176- Tracking the Intersection of Culture and Media -...

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While modern children and teenagers have lower reading comprehension scores as compared to children of years past who only had books as a form of media, books continue to be a popular format that rises above entertainment value and provides readers the opportunity to gather information, receive inspiration, share controversial opinions, and also have their opinions swayed. This is proven by the fact that in 2005, over 3.1 billion books were sold in the United Sates, and this amount continues to grow annually. The reason why people enjoy reading varies by the reader. The best guess provided is that reading is done solitarily, and allows the reader to have time to reflect introspectively on his or her own thoughts, perceptions, and experiences. This can also be contributed to a reader seeking escapism from everyday life. It is beneficial as
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Unformatted text preview: an escapism tool because it is safe as compared to other means of escapism such as illicit drugs or alcohol. It is also surmised that recommendations provided by influential individuals, such as Oprah Winfrey, can help to drive books sales higher. Many authors will have one book do phenomenally well in sales after a recommendation, and yet never have another book after sell so well. Having parents who are avid readers may also contribute to reading enthusiasm among offspring, but this is not a guaranteed. Most children must find that one special book that opens the gateway to reading, and inspires them to become book hounds. Once this gateway is reached, children will move towards more complex books to seek information and learn more complex ideas. Thus books are a relevant means of communicating ideas and opinions to the masses....
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