HUM 176-Become a Critic

HUM 176-Become a Critic - While being released over a...

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While being released over a decade ago, “American History X” is one of the most influential movies of our time regarding the existence of modern extreme racism. Many people like to pretend that racism no longer exists in the land of the free; however this movie shows that it continues among many different racial sets today. The movie makes use of extreme violence to drive home the impact that racism and extreme beliefs play upon society. This theatrical presentation can be extremely thought provoking at times, especially as the audience realizes that the extreme racism practices shown are realistic and do occur. The movie follows two brothers after they are left fatherless because their firefighter father is killed while in the line of duty by an African-American drug dealer. The movie portrays the brothers’ descent into the neo-Nazi movement that has taken hold of the community of Venice Beach. The older brother, Derek, goes on to become the second-in-command of a neo-Nazi street gang called The DOC as a result of dealing with the emotions and fear
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HUM 176-Become a Critic - While being released over a...

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