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HUM 176-Final Assignment - Final Assignment Part 1 As a...

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Final Assignment Part 1 As a chief editor of a large metropolitan newspaper, I have an ethical responsibility to fire my reporter who was caught fabricating sources and making up facts. This acts of this reporter hurt the newspaper by undermining the trust of its readership. The media is held to a high standard of delivering factual news to the public. The media’s role is to deliver the facts without bias to the public. The reporter completely ignored this cardinal rule of reporting. It is important that this firing happen immediately as other news outlets may take advantage of this situation and deliver this story as breaking news. News is available all day every day. It would further hurt the newspaper’s reputation to appear as if the newspaper is attempting to hide this deceit from its readers. Although immediate news coverage appears to affect our culture by generating so many stories that it becomes information overload, my readers would probably take notice of this story. The next thing that I would do would be to print an editorial that which I apologize to my readers for my reporter misleading the public. This goes against the social responsibility that the newspaper has for the public. The newspaper is responsible to cover both sides of any story and to remain unbiased. Social responsibility also dictates that reporters should weigh the public’s right to know against personal privacy invasion. The reporter failed both these aspects by creating fraudulent news stories. In my apology I would compare my reporter to the many individuals that post information on the internet without fact checking. I would also point out that creating fictional stories is no better than some of the other activities that take place on the internet such as movie and music piracy and the theft of personal information. All of these actions are ethical and legal considerations in the online world. It is important for the public and
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HUM 176-Final Assignment - Final Assignment Part 1 As a...

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