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After reading the descriptions in the text, I see myself as an accommodator on the Kolb inventory. This is because I feel that I exude traits that are found in concrete experience and active experimentation areas in the Kolb inventory. I realize that I must develop more skills in the other areas to be a more effective learner. This will also help me in my professional role. After reading about the Myers-Briggs Type indicator, I found that I am an ISFP personality. This means that I prefer using traits that are associated with intuitive, sensing, feeling, and perceiving areas. I also know that it is important to use all of the attitudes and functions of each personality type to become a more effective employee and learner. My VARK results show that I am adept in the visual and read/write learning styles. My
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Unformatted text preview: Multiple Intelligence Inventory shows that I exude traits in the Verbal and Interpersonal intelligences. They both show a tendency towards using written material to learn. The major difference between the two was the level of self-discovery provided by the inventory. I did not feel that the Multiple Intelligence inventory was as informative as the VARK. The VARK has provided me information to help me become a more effective student. It has taught me that I learn through a combination of techniques. It has also shown me my weaknesses. I have learned how to adapt materials delivered through means that I might find troubling into methods that I can more readily understand....
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