What Fungi Do (1)

What Fungi Do (1) - -Spores shot through the end Survival...

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Chapter 2: What Fungi Do & How Starts with spore Cell wall expands through preformed weak spot ( germ pore ) = thin, balloon-like protuberance Germ tube = 1 st extension of growth Hyphae = elongations of the germ tube Mycelium = large collection of hyphae “Spawn” = masses of hyphae Mycotoxins = fungal by-products that are poisonous to animals, or antibiotics, which are metabolites that inhibit growth of microbes, may also permeate the substrate Food runs out need spores Conidia (fragments of the parent culture) or result from sexual reproduction (rapid evolution of new strains of a given species) Underside of gills = elongated balloons Smooth = immature or spacer cells Basidia Sclerotia Reproduce By… wind (inky cap) bioluminescence cup-like fruit-bodies inside a sac (8 spores, instead of 4) - Mother cell is able to contain spores until water pressure causes weaker part to give way
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Unformatted text preview: -Spores shot through the end Survival Strategies 1) Matter of #s 2) Very small (stay aloft for a long time) 3) Physically able to survive long period of flight time o Thick cell walls o (Dark) pigmentation = shields from UV light o Some have spiny cell walls to clump (strength in #s) Wind Rain -Bird’s Nest Fungi o Packs of spores (eggs) in cups (nests) o 4-10 spore packets each Flask-shaped bodies in trees-Ooze out Animals-“Stink-horns” = flies remove spores Genus Pilobus-Cap throwers-Herbivore manure-Black spores on stalks aimed at brightest light Artillery fungus Sphaerobolus stellatus-Slimy cups-Hydrophilic = absorbs water readily -Water pressure builds up and ejects spores-Slime stains and is hard to wash off...
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What Fungi Do (1) - -Spores shot through the end Survival...

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