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The Russian Empire in Europe and Asia MULTIPLE CHOICE 3. In the 1230s the old Russian capital of Kiev was overrun by the a. Byzantines. b. Ottoman Turks. c. Mongols. d. Vikings. e. Poles. 5. Under Ivan III the center of the expanding Russian state was a. Moscow. b. Kiev. c. Astrakhan. d. Archangel. e. St. Petersburg. 7. The cossacks were a. the special paramilitary troops that formed the heart of Peter the Great’s military reforms. b. Russian holy men who followed the Old Belief. c. the traditional ruling aristocracy of Russia that proved very conservative in their thinking. d. the Russian equivalent of the Ottoman janissaries. e. peasants that Ivan III sent into recently conquered lands. 8. For most of Russian history the main political, religious, and cultural influence came from a. Byzantium. b. the Ottoman empire. c. Rome. d. Sweden. e. France. 9. Which of the following was not one of the steps that Ivan III used in an attempt to carry on the legacy of Byzantium? a. marry Sophia Palaeologus, the niece of the last Byzantine emperor. b. adopt Roman Catholicism. c. adopt the pomp and ceremony of the Byzantine court. d. take the title tsar . e. make the double-headed eagle the symbol of authority. 10. In the days after the fall of Constantinople, many Russians viewed what city as the “third Rome”? a. Astrakhan. b. Moscow. c. St. Petersburg. d. Istanbul. e. Kiev. 11. In the opinion of Ivan IV, the chief obstacle to imperial centralization was or were a. the Russian Orthodox church. b. the boyars.
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Russia_Practice - Chapter 29 The Russian Empire in Europe...

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