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1. The largest empire of all time was created by the A. Romans B. Chinese C. Mongols D. Incas E. Indians 2. The environment of central Asia A. Guaranteed a bountiful harvest B. Does not receive enough rain to support large-scale agriculture C. Was marred by such violent flooding that urbanization was almost impossible D. Facilitated urbanization because of its tremendous agricultural potential E. Was dominated by devastating monsoon rains 3. Yurts were A. Tents used by the nomadic Turks B. The first powerful Turkish tribe C. The shamans who dominated nomadic Turkish religious thought D. Turkish chieftains E. The iron foundries that provided the Turks with a technological and military advantage 4. The nomadic Turkish tribes made use of kumiss, which A. Was an iron lance B. Were large tents made of felt C. Were shaman priests D. Were central Asian oxen E. Was an alcoholic drink fermented from mare's milk 5. Which of the following did not act as a limitation on the development of central Asian societies? A. The aridity of the climate B. A lack of trading opportunities C. The nomadic lifestyle of the population D. The absence of large-scale craft production E. The limited potential for large-scale agriculture 6. Which of the following religions never became popular among the nomadic Turkish tribes? A. Hinduism B. Buddhism C. Nestorian Christianity D. Islam E. Manichaeism
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7. The political power of the khans was based on A. A tightly structured imperial framework B. Indirect rule through the leaders of allied tribes C. An extension of the traditional Turkish urban kingship D. The shamanistic belief in the divinity of the ruler E. An educated class of scholarly bureaucrats—an idea borrowed from China 8. The term sultan means A. "The chosen one." B. "First among equals." C. "Consecrated before god." D. "Master of nature." E. "Chieftain." 9. In an effort to strengthen the Mongol fighting forces, Chinggis Khan A. Emphasized the traditional tribal affiliations
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