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C-26-quiz - 1 Thomas Peters was C26 A A wealthy plantation...

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1. Thomas Peters was C26 A. A wealthy plantation owner who became the largest slave owner in the Carolinas B. The captain of the first ship to bring slaves to North America C. An American congressman who played a key role in drafting legislation to end the slave trade D. The author of The Crime of Slavery E. Central in promoting the establishment of a colony for ex-slaves in Sierra Leone 2. The Black Pioneers were A. Africans who served as indentured servants in return for land in the Caribbean B. Escaped slaves who fought to maintain British rule in the North American colonies C. Former slaves who fought on the colonial side in the American Revolution D. The most notorious of the slave raiding organizations E. The name for members of the First Continental Congress who fought for the abolition of slavery 3. The rise in maritime trade in the early modern era in Africa A. Ironically led to a decrease in the trans-Atlantic slave trade B. Led to the consolidation in the largest imperial states in African history C. Led to political chaos and the destruction of traditional African balance of power D. Resulted in regional kingdoms replacing the imperial states of west Africa E. Resulted in a new pattern in which the village became the principal political entity 4. Sunni Ali built a powerful imperial navy to patrol the A. Niger River B. Atlantic Ocean C. Mediterranean Sea D. Congo River E. Indian Ocean 5. All Songhay emperors were A. Zoroastrian B. Christian C. Islamic D. Antonian E. Traditional animistic 6. The Songhay empire fell in 1591 to A. A Moroccan army B. A Portuguese army C. A Dutch army D. An English army E. A French army
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A. The Portuguese B. The Spanish C. The Ottoman Turks D. The Dutch E. The English 8. The ruler of the kingdom of Kongo, Afonso I, converted to what religion and encouraged his subjects to convert as well? A. Islam B. Antonianism C. Christianity D. Judaism E. Buddhism 9. King Nzinga Mbemba of Kongo was best known for A. His rebellion against Portuguese rule B. His alliance with the British C. His fascination with Islam D. His development of a powerful navy E. His conversion to Catholicism 10. An alliance with Portugal brought wealth and foreign recognition to Kongo, as well as A. The right to limit the slave trade B. An inroad into European politics C. A later alliance with the English D. A diplomatic connection to the Spanish E. The eventual destruction of the kingdom 11. The first European colony in sub-Saharan Africa was A. Mozambique B. Angola C. Zimbabwe D. Kanem-Bornu E. Kongo 12. This massive, fortified city in southern Africa dominated the gold trade in its region of the continent until the late fifteenth century. A. Mbanza
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C-26-quiz - 1 Thomas Peters was C26 A A wealthy plantation...

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