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Ismael Mota Comparison Contrast Paper Women’s Literature B. Mix Judith Sargent Murray vs. Sojourner Truth Both Judith and Sargent Murray were strong advocates for the equality for women. They both believed that women should be treated equally to men and that they have every birth given right to be at the same platform. They have some differences and similarities that help them in their campaign for equality. Murray feels that only through higher education can one reach the higher state or as she describes it a” genius, led by study, wears the crown.” Murray questions the idea that between the sexes there are weak males and strong females therefore one cannot assume that males are dominate through nature. Truth believes that women like to act as if they don’t care about being on the recessive end. Murray and Truth both have issues with the way religion views their role as women and question it. Yet, being from distinct cultures, ethnic groups, and time periods, both women stood tall and were both revolutionists for women rights. Judith Sargent Murray believed that only through education can one reach the farthest goal in life. She felt that women were not given the opportunity to study the sciences and other subjects that were important to her. She did not think that what was a “women’s” task at the time was going to make the gender stronger. She wrote “Is the needle and kitchen sufficient to employ the operations of a soul that organized? I should conceive not.” She felt that women were not given the opportunity that a male received and it was the reason why women were not progressing. She claimed that “as their years increased the sister must be wholly domesticated, while the brother is led by the hand though all the flowery paths of science.” She did not think much of sewing, cleaning, or doing the stereotypical duties that women in her era were doing.
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Comparison_paper_new!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Ismael Mota Comparison...

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