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Chad 1406 syllabus Summer_11 - Biology 1406(29664-006...

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Biology 1406 (29664-006) Cellular and Molecular Biology, Summer 2011 Course Syllabus Welcome to Biol 1406! This syllabus has all of the basic information necessary for you to navigate the course, so keep it handy for easy reference. Course description Biol 1406 is an introductory course in molecular and cellular biology. It is designed for science majors and pre- professional students who require a rigorous and quantitative introductory biology course that will provide an adequate foundation for advanced courses in biology and related sciences. Biol 1406 and 1408 may not both be counted towards graduation. Prerequisites for this class include one year of high school chemistry or one semester of college chemistry and completion of two years of high school algebra or MATD 0390 (Intermediate Algebra). Before beginning this class, you should be familiar with basic math concepts, including fractions, percentages, rational exponents, scientific notation, radicals, linear and fractional equations, logarithms, coordinate systems, and graphing. There are four units that will be explored during the semester: 1) The chemistry of living organisms, including the structure of atoms and molecules, pH, the macromolecules of living organisms, and energetics, enzymes and enzymatic pathways 2) The structure and function of cells, including the differences between prokaryotes and eukaryotes, the eukaryotic organelles and biological membranes and intercellular communication 3) Nucleic acids, including mitosis and meiosis, DNA structure and replication, RNA transcription and translation and gene regulation, viruses 4) Mendelian genetics, molecular genetics, and current molecular biology research technologies Common course objectives The common course objectives for Biol 1406 are found at This course will transfer to most universities for majors in biology and related subjects. For specific transfer information, go to Instructor Chad Cryer Lecture (NRG 1214) MTW 8:00 – 9:50 am Lab (NRG 2226) MW 10 –12:50 pm Office Office hours T 9:50 – 10:50 am @ NRG, T/TH 5:30 – 6:00 pm @ SAC, or by appointment (I’m in the RRC Learning Lab 5 days a week!) Contact information E-mail: [email protected] Mobile phone: (512) 970-2778 (voicemail or text) Required lecture materials Campbell and Reece, Biology (8 th edition) Required lab materials (Bring these to EVERY lab) 1. Biol 1406 Cellular and Molecular Biology Lab Manual (12 th edition) Available from ACC Bookstore or online: 2. Calculator that can handle exponents and statistics (SD, linear regression) 3. Lab notebook 4. Lab safety goggles or glasses (ANSI Z87.1 rated, NOT sunglasses ! ) 5. Closed-toed shoes and appropriate clothing
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Course rationale Biol 1406 is recommended as the first college-level biology course for students majoring in science. The goal of this
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Chad 1406 syllabus Summer_11 - Biology 1406(29664-006...

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