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essay 4 final doc of soheb (1) - Aarti Patel LeRoy Click...

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Aarti Patel LeRoy Click TTH Essay 7 7/14/11 Money and Happiness “Rocking Horse Winner” is a story of an English woman who is unlucky to earn enough money for her family. The failure to earn money brings a sense of anxiety in her family. The woman is incapable of giving love to her son Paul and is obsessed, as she believes money can bring happiness. Her son Paul is aware of his mother's desire for money and tries to help her to get her love. Paul also knows the fact that his dad is unlucky due to which they did not have car and are poor. Paul feels that he is lucky enough to earn as God told him. Paul starts his journey through a rocking horse, a toy that gives him advance information of the winners of important races such as Ascot . So Paul teams up with Bassett and his uncle Oscar Cresswell who bet on the horses that he names. The horse that Paul names wins the race, and they make money. So Paul gives the mother a gift of eight thousand pounds, but the gift only lets her spend more. On the day of the Derby, Paul gets sick but tells Bassett and his uncle to bet on horse named Malabar. Malabar wins and they make money. So Paul tells his mom that he is lucky. Later that night Paul dies and leaves his family in emotional situation. In the story “The Rocking Horse Winner,” the greed for money ends up taking the protagonist Paul’s life as he tries to get his mom’s love. Money cannot always buy love and happiness.
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The main character in the story is the protagonist, Paul. Paul is a young boy who tries to find luck so that he can earn money for his mother. Paul can be seen as a mature son for his age and for his family. The motivation of Paul proves his maturity as he tries to win his mother’s love through the channel of money. Paul makes money to give his mother as a gift, but she spends it all. This reveals that his mother is obsessed with money and spends it improperly. It is clearly shown in the story as she buys new
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essay 4 final doc of soheb (1) - Aarti Patel LeRoy Click...

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