soheb civil peace - Soheb Maredia March 9, 2010. English...

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Unformatted text preview: Soheb Maredia March 9, 2010. English paper # 2 ‘‘Civil Peace’’ is a story, which takes place in eastern Nigeria after the civil war, has ended. Jonathan Iwegbu considers himself and his family lucky as his wife, Maria, and “three out of their four children have managed to weather the fighting and have come through the experience unscathed”. He uses his old bicycle, which he puts to use as a taxi service to make money. Jonathan then travels to Enugu, the capital city, and finds his house still standing. The house needs some work, so Jonathan hires a carpenter to complete the work and soon moves his family back home. The entire family works hard to earn money and rebuild their lives as the children pick mangoes and Maria makes akara balls to sell. Jonathan’s family does well, and then they get an added bonus when the government starts handing out egg-rashers, the exchange into Nigerian money of all the Biafra currency. At home that evening, the thieves arrive, the children and Maria start crying, Jonathan asks the thieves what they want and tells them that he is a poor man who lost everything in the war. The thief demands £100, or else they will come inside the house. Jonathan says that although he does not have £100 he does have inside the house....
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soheb civil peace - Soheb Maredia March 9, 2010. English...

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