Soheb Maredia comp 2 (1) - Soheb Maredia Essay #1 Problems...

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Soheb Maredia Christine Berni Essay #1 ENGL 1302: Composition 2 Problems in Achieving Self-Knowledge February 2, 2012. Jhumpy Lahiri’s story “When Mr.Pirzada Came to dine” tells us a story about an Indian American girl named Lilia. The story tries to reveal the fact that how Lilia like other people struggles with foreign affairs. The story takes place in New England where Lilia’s parents migrated from India. It seemed that they migrated to United States to seek some betterment in their life. As homesickness and loneliness affects Lilia’s parents, they think to invite a person named Mr. Pirzada to their home for meal because the name they searched from faculty dictionary of university seemed to be from their background. Mr. Pirzada came to New England from Pakistan to study on plants. During this time, India and Pakistan were involved in civil war. Pirzada was from Dacca city, had seven daughters and wife who were in Pakistan at that time. Mr Pirazada used to come at Lilia’s place every evening to have meal and then used to watch news as he had lost contact from his family because of civil war. These everyday events made Lilia to think about the outside world and helped her in exploring world. Mr. Pirzada becomes important for Lilia and the events seem to be real for her ahead. Jhumpy Lahiri in his story “ Mr Pirzada came to dine” tries to mention that how different events and problems
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Soheb Maredia comp 2 (1) - Soheb Maredia Essay #1 Problems...

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