Is America Still No

Is America Still No - Is America Still No. 1? The U.S....

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Is America Still No. 1? The U.S. spends the most on health care but lags in life expectancy. By David Wallechinsky Published: January 14, 2007 The U. S. remains the most powerful nation in the world. This power has its basis not only in military might but also in the enormous strength and reach of the U.S. economy. Yet there are categories in which we still need to improve, particularly those relating to health care and crime prevention. Over the past few years, we also have lost our lead in some economic categories, primarily to China, Germany and France. Americans make up less than 5% of the world’s population, yet the U.S. leads the world in Nobel Prize-winners (296), the number of billionaires (371), and the number of gold medals (36) and total medals (102) earned in the most recent summer Olympics. We grant the most patents and produce the most energy and electricity. We have the most Internet users (205,327,000) and the most roads (3.98 million miles), airports (14,858) and railway tracks (140,805 miles). Military. China and India have larger armed forces than the United States, but we have more forces stationed abroad (460,000 in 144 countries). U.S. weapons and equipment are the most advanced in the world, and the U.S. spends almost as much on the military as all other nations combined. We have more deliverable nuclear weapons than anyone else, and we also lead the world in the value of the arms we sell to other governments. Also, our per capita military expenses rank third in the world, exceeded only by those of the much smaller nations of Israel and Singapore. Trade.
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Is America Still No - Is America Still No. 1? The U.S....

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