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UCF CBA Management Department Written Assignment/Paper Grading Rubric Score Concept Integration Refers to ability to accurately integrate course information from the text and notes into the paper, as well as using examples to demonstrate a mastery of key management concepts. Content/Organization Refers to topic; thesis; order and focus of ideas; integrated and documented support; acknowledges other perspectives. Research and Documentation Refers to the synthesis and integration of varied and credible research; uses current citation style; avoids plagiarism. Language Refers to using words appropriate to the audience and purpose; choosing words for deliberate effect. Sentence Structure, Grammar, & Mechanics Refers to positioning, varying sentence length, and rhythm to create a deliberate effect. Also, fragments, spelling, word usage, grammar, punctuation, and ability to proofread. Outstanding Thorough and complete integration of key management concepts. Frequent use of examples to clearly illustrate course information. Well-defined, persuasive
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