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Direct materials 32,300 Indirect materials 5,700 Ultility, factory 19,100 Depreciation, factory 27,000 Depreciation, selling and administrative equipment 9,000 Advertising expense 48,000 Direct labor 45,000 Indirect labor 10,000 Salaries, Administrative 30,000 Insurance costs, factory 2,400 Insurance costs, selling and administrative 600 Miscellaneous selling and administrative expenses 9,500 Manufacturing overhead apllied 60,000 Finished goods inventory 140,000 Sales 250,000 Cost of goods manufactured 130,000 Actual manufacturing overhead costs incurred: Indirect materials
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Unformatted text preview: 38,000 Indirect labor 10,000 Depreciation, factory 27,000 Insurance costs, factory 2,400 Ultility, factory 19,100 Total actual manufacturing overhead costs incurred 96,500 Manufacturing overhead underapplied 36,500 Undadjusted cost of goods sold 130,000 Add: underapplied overhead 36,500 Cost of goods sold 166,500 Income statement Hudson Company For the year ended 2010 Sales 250,000 Cost of goods sold 166,500 Gross margin 83,500 Selling and administrative expense 97,100 Net operating loss-13,600...
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