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ME218 hw6_2010 - parameters Fit this model to the following...

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ME 218: ENGINEERING COMPUTATIONAL METHODS Home Work #6 Assigned: October 23 rd , 2010 Due: October 28 th , 2010 Name: __________________UT EID: ____________Unique: _________ Lab Time: (Mon/Tue) ___PM Problem 1: Least Squares Method (Exponential) Andrade’s equation has been proposed as a model of the effect of temperature on viscosity: where =dynamic viscosity of water, = absolute temperature (K), and D and B are
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Unformatted text preview: parameters. Fit this model to the following data for water. 0 5 10 20 30 40 1.784 1.512 1.317 0.982 0.7975 0.6529 Note: Please note that problem 2 is a “proof type” question, which is not something you will see in your exam, but should be “fun” to do (use your engineering logic to make convince me and yourself that the claim of this problem is true....
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