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Sample of Essay Questions – Midterm Exam MGMT300 You should be able to demonstrate your understandings of the following areas. The essay questions of the mid-term exam will fall within these areas. 1. What are the four management functions? Briefly explain each function. How would you analyze the Man Gulch disaster using the functions of management? 2. What are the stages in group development? Briefly explain. 3. What are characteristics of an effective team? Please give examples. 4. Why do managers need to understand their organization environments? What are some general environment factors in the PEST model? Give examples. 5. Using PEST model to explain why it is so hard to stop counterfeiting products in
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Unformatted text preview: China? 6. What are characteristics of well-designed goals? Please give examples. 7. Analyze the factors that contributed to success and failure of the Ruminator (Hungry Mind) bookstore? What do you learn from the case? 8. Compare functional and product structures of organizations. Why most organizations have some kind of mixed structure? 9. What do we mean by organizational culture? Describe the organizational culture of the 3.dotcom companies? 10. What is communication? What influence the effectiveness of communication? Give examples. 11. Name the seven principles of effective communication we discussed in class. Please choose THREE principles to explain and give examples from your own experience....
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