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case study_dowcorning 04-12-11 - case study Dow Corning...

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PTI_CS-DOW_200606 201 Lomas Santa Fe Drive Suite 270 Solana Beach, CA 92075 tel / 858.847.6600 fax / 858.793.4120 tf / 800.220.1727 Intelligent Marketing Asset Management Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Redesign. “Today, more than ever, customer needs revolve around important environmental and product stewardship issues. Companies need help in cutting process waste, reducing emissions and increasing energy efficiency.” Dow Corning, 2007 Sustainability Report. The three “R’s” of the twenty-first century, “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” have been joined by a fourth; “Redesign.” It is no longer enough to just do less and recycle; rather it is time to eliminate waste upstream during the concept and design of a product. Delivering millions of product data sheets and brochures to global sales forces who offer more than 7,000 products and services to 20,000 customers world wide can have a large effect on the environment if not carefully thought out. Trucking printed materials can generate about 3 pounds of CO2 per mile driven; air freighting results in about one-half pound of CO2 per mile flown. Building warehouse space isn’t the answer; building construction emits more than 200 pounds of CO2 per square foot. Warehoused print can result in nearly 20% of shelved items obsolete or out of date. CO2 emissions, water usage, energy usage, and high material costs, freight and storage costs; what’s a company to do? Factor in European gasoline prices creeping up on US$10 a gallon and companies like Dow Corning have to change how they produce and distribute printed
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case study_dowcorning 04-12-11 - case study Dow Corning...

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