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Organization_structure_and_culture - ORGANIZATION SYSTEM...

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1 ORGANIZATION SYSTEM, STRUCTURE, AND CULTURE Dr. Crazy s Problems - 1 Dr. Crazy left his university to open his own management consulting firm The firm provides training and consulting services on management to organizations in Hanoi The firm has 4 people 2 of them are trainers and consultants, 1 is secretary. The firm contracts out outside trainers when needed. How do Dr. Crazy and his friends organize his firm in order to run his business?
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2 Dr. Crazy s Problems - 2 After 1 year, the firm has many customers It now has 5 trainers/ consultants and contracts outside trainers if needed It also has a number of people who help with marketing, accounting, personnel, and administration works How would Dr. Crazy organize his firm? Figure 10.2a Functional Departmentalization Advantages Efficiencies from putting together similar specialties and people with common skills, knowledge, and orientations Coordination within functional area In-depth specialization Disadvantages Poor communication across functional areas Limited view of organizational goals
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Organization_structure_and_culture - ORGANIZATION SYSTEM...

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