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1 1 Executive course in International Business , National Economics University, Hanoi, Vietnam Weeks 28, 29, 30; year 2011 Lecturer: Tamara Stucchi, Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark Week numbers Topics Literature Lectures structure Session 1 Week 28 1. What is international business? 2. What are the key concepts in international trade and investment? 3. How does international business differ from domestic business? 4. Who participates in international business? 5. Why do firms pursue internationalization strategies? 6. Why should you study international business? Chapter 1 Introduction: what is international business? -introduction -lecture (see literature) -case study: Whirlpool (page 23) -final questionnaire Session 2 Week 28 1. Why globalization is not a new phenomenon 2. An organizing framework for market globalization 3. Dimensions of market globalization 4. Drivers of market globalization 5. Technological advances as a driver of market globalization 5. Societal consequences of market globalization 6. Firm-level consequences of market globalization: internationalization of firm’s value chain Chapter 2 Globalization of markets And internationaliza tion of the firm -test: Whirlpool’s case questions -lecture (see literature) -case study: globalization of markets (page 53) -final questionnaire Session 3 Week 28 1. Three types of participants in international business 2. Participants organized by value- chain activity 3. Focal firms in international business 4. Foreign market entry strategies of focal firms 5. Distribution channel intermediaries in international business 6. Facilitators in international business Chapter 3 Participants in international business -test: globalization of markets’ case questions -lecture (see literature) -case study: DHL international (page 53) -final questionnaire
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2 2 Session 4 Week 28 1. Theories of international trade and investment 2. Why nations trade 3. How nations enhance their competitive advantage 4. Why and how do firms internationalize 5. How firms gain and sustain international competitive advantage
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Tamara Stucchi- syllabus - 1 Executive course in...

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