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REVIEW NOTE OF PHIL160. BUSINESS ETHICS ADVANCED EDUCATION PROGRAM INTAKE 51 Dr. Truong Thi Nam Thang Closed book, 2 hours, 12 multiple choice questions, 1 exercise and a case study. Part I. Multiple choice (30 points/100) (I will take only 12 questions) 1. Stakeholder 2. Stakeholder management approach 3. Issue management approach 4. Five myths about business ethics 5. Steps in stakeholder analysis 6. Crisis management 7. Levels of ethical issues 8. Utilitarianism ethical principle 9. Universalism ethical principle 10. Rights ethical principle 11. Justice ethical principle 12. Ethical virtue ethical principle 13. Ethical styles 14. Quick ethical tests 15. Corporate governance 16.
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Unformatted text preview: Professional standards of CFA 17. Value based leadership 18. Leadership styles 19. Corporate culture 20. Ethics program 21. Functional profiles of internal organizational stakeholders 22. Employee rights in the workplace Part II. Exercise (20/100 points) (I will select one topic)  Develop a code of ethics for yourself  Develop a code of ethics for your company  Conduct a stakeholder analysis for an ethical or social dilemma that a company faces recently (such as Vedan, Vietnam Airlines, Jestar Pacific Airlines, Toyota Vietnam) Part III. Case study (50 points/100) (I will select 1 case only) 1. Dow Corning case 2. Fortune 3. Sherron Watkins...
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