Three_Dot_com - Not Your Father's Company Dot-Coms Aspire...

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Not Your Father's Company Dot-Coms Aspire To Change American Business Culture March 13, 2001 (CBS) Since last summer, Internet start-ups have been dropping like flies. But, win or lose, those dot-coms have left something behind. They have changed American business culture. Recently 60 Minutes II 's Charlie Rose took a look at three companies that are surviving. All are in and around Silicon Valley and have work styles that are revolutionary. Tellme CEO Mike McCue strives for an open atmosphere at his company. (CBS) "Silicon Valley is like the largest video game ever produced," says 29-year-old Joe Kraus, co-founder of Excite . "It is all engrossing. ...It moves fast. You have to make fast decisions. And that becomes intoxicating. And it's that intoxication that is the ethos of the entire Silicon Valley." And what an ethos! No doors, no dress code, sometimes no shoes. Meetings take place anywhere. In other words, this is not business as usual. "The thing you want when somebody. ..walks in the front door is to look at this place, and immediately know from the way it looks that this is a different place," Kraus says. At its huge Redwood City campus, Excite@Home offers Internet access at high speed along with information that helps people manage their daily lives. "This is a place that has a tremendous amount of energy," Kraus says. Kraus describes the culture of the old-fashioned company: "Everybody wears coats and ties to work. Everybody treats it as a job, not as a passion or a love," he says. In contrast, he says Silicon Valley encourages "mak(ing) work much more than a 9 to 5 job, and
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Three_Dot_com - Not Your Father's Company Dot-Coms Aspire...

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