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Ryas Planning Services - LIABILITIES AND OWNER'S EQU Rya's...

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Rya's Planning Services Rya's Planning Services Income Statement Balance Sheet For the Year Ended December 31, XXXY December 31, XXXY Revenues: ASSETS Planning Fees Income 26,250 Current Assets: Expenses: Cash 21,500 Office Supplies Expense 200 Accounts Receivable 17,500 Rent Expense 800 Office Supplies 500 Salaries Expense 3,000 Total Current Assets Utilities Expense 700 Property, Plant and Equipment: Total Expenses (4,700) Equipment Net Income 21,550 Total Assets
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Unformatted text preview: LIABILITIES AND OWNER'S EQU Rya's Planning Services Liabilities: Statement of Owner's Equity Accounts Payable For the Year Ended December 31, XXXY Owner's Equity: Rya Page, Capital Beginning 28,200 Rya Page, Capital Beginning Add: Net Income 21,550 Total Liabilities and Owner's Equity Total 49,750 Less: Rya Page, Drawing (5,000) Rya Page, Capital Ending 44,750 39,500 15,000 54,500 UITY 9,750 44,750 54,500...
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