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Unit 4: Projects 1 Running Head: P4 Unit 4 Project Tushar Agarwal Kaplan University
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Unit 4: Projects 2 Abstract This document answers the question with regards to Alternate Site setup at a third party Location. Also it answers the question for setting up an Alternate site for Pixel Inc. with the available details.
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Unit 4: Projects 3 Unit 4 Project This Unit has been split into 2 sections. Section 1 addresses questions with regards to Alternate Site setup requirement at a third party location. Section 2 covers the Alternate Site setup and Business Continuity Plan for Pixel Inc. Alternate Site Questions: An alternate processing site is often located at a third party data center. Consider the security implications to a client’s equipment racks under such conditions. Q1: Is a firewall needed? Ans: Since the data is online and daily backed up firewall is a requirement for the system and data being backed up. Alternate site storage can be easily prone to attacks If not secured through firewalls. [ Business Continuity Planning] Q2: How about remote access? Ans: Remote Access is required as the real time data backup, synchronization or Database shadowing can be performed and tested. Q3: What is the physical security provided at the hosting company? Ans: In General these facilities are secure location with restricted Access. Additionally the location has Close Circuit Camera and round the clock Security. [Physical Security] Reference: [Business Continuity Planning], deduced from http://www.dir.state.tx.us/IRAPC/bcpg/bcpg.pdf [Physical Security] , retrieved from ‘ http://www.hostway.com/web-resources/find-web- hosting/data-center-tour-part-3-physical-security/
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Unit 4: Projects 4 Section 2 As part of this Section, we will develop and design for an Alternate Processing Site for Pixel Inc. based on the available information. We need to have designated teams to handle such eventuality, the teams have to be categorized based on responsibility: Recovery teams Emergency Management Team (EMT) Location Response Coordinator (LRC) Local Restoration Team (LRT) Incident Response Team (IRT) Technical Services Engineering (TSE) Team member responsibilities (Details in Appendix A) Each team member will designate an alternate backup All the members should keep an updated calling list of their work team members’ work, home, cell phone numbers both at home and at work. All team members should keep this binder for reference at home in case the disaster happens during after normal work hours. All team members should familiarize themselves with the contents of this plan. - List of mission critical applications, list of non-critical applications dropped The applications, which need to be available at the Alternate Site, include the following: - Email, Web and DB Servers. -
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