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F09 - Final(1)

F09 - Final(1) - 1 Two charges of 15 pC and-40 pC are...

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1. Two charges of 15 pC and -40 pC are inside a cube with sides that are 0.40 m in length. What is the net electric flux in Nm 2 /C through the surface of the cube? A) -0.47 B) +1.1 C) -2.8 D) +2.8 E) -1.1 2. ψ ( x ) is the wave function for a particle moving along the x axis. The probability that the particle is in the interval from x = a to x = b is given by: A) ( b ) 2 / ( a ) 2 B) () 2 b a xd x C) ( b ) / ( a ) D) ( b ) – ( a ) E) b a xdx 3. In order to measure the momentum and position of a particle simultaneously, and with an uncertainty smaller than that allowed by the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, A) one needs to make the two measurements as quickly as possible. B) one needs to make sure that the momentum of the particle is very large. C) one needs to use extremely accurate measuring instruments. D) one needs to repeat the measurement of each quantity several times. E) one cannot overcome the uncertainty principle through any measurement technique because it is fundamental to the wave nature of matter. This is the right answer, and if you remember one thing about quantum physics, please remember this. 4. The energies of electrons emitted in β decays have a continuous spectrum because: A) an undetected particle can carry off energy B) energy is not conserved C) the original neutron has a continuous spectrum D) the daughter nucleus may have any energy E) the emitted electron is free Version 1 Page 1
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5. Kirchoff's loop rule depends on conservation of A) energy B) power C) mass D) charge E) momentum 6. Two one-dimensional boxes have infinite potential energy at their walls. Box A has width L and box B has width 2 L . The particle in box A is in its n =2 state. In which of its states does
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F09 - Final(1) - 1 Two charges of 15 pC and-40 pC are...

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