F09 - Exam 4(1)

F09 - Exam 4(1) - 1. An upright object is 2 f in front of a...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. An upright object is 2 f in front of a convex lens of focal length f. The image is: A) real, upright, same size B) real, inverted, same size C) virtual, inverted, reduced D) real, inverted, reduced E) real, inverted, magnified 2. When a single-lens camera is focused on a distant object, the lens-to-film distance (i.e., the image distance) is found to be 40.0 mm. To focus on an object 0.54 m in front of the lens, the film-to-lens distance should be: A) 36.8 mm B) 40.0 mm C) 42.7 mm D) 43.2 mm E) 37.3 mm 3. Two electrons move in opposite directions at 0.70 c as measured in the laboratory. The speed of one electron as measured from the other is: A) 0.94 c B) 1.00 c C) 0.70 c D) 1.40 c E) 0.35 c 4. A certain particle has a kinetic energy of 3.2 10 10 J and a momentum of 1.7 10 18 kg m/s. Its mass is: A) 8.6 10 27 kg B) 6.3 10 27 kg C) 2.7 10 27 kg D) 9.11 10 31 kg E) 4.5 10 27 kg 5. 600-nm light is incident on a defraction grating with a ruling separation of 1.7 10 6 m. The second order line occurs at a diffraction angle of: A) 10 B) 42 C) 0 D) 45 E) 21 Version 1 Page 1 6. A particle with zero mass and energy E carries momentum: A) E / c 2 B) Ec C) E / c D) Ec 2 E) Ec 7. Waves from two slits are in phase at the slits and travel to a distant screen to produce the second minimum of the interference pattern. The difference in the distance traveled by the wave is: A) three halves of a wavelength B) half a wavelength C) three wavelengths D) a wavelength E) two wavelengths 8. A rocket ship of rest length 100 m is moving at speed 0.8 c past a timing device which records the time interval between the passage of the front and back ends of the ship. This time interval is: A) 0.69 s B) 0.52 s C) 0.25 s D) 0.20 D) 0....
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F09 - Exam 4(1) - 1. An upright object is 2 f in front of a...

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