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David_Martin_gun control essay

David_Martin_gun control essay - David Martin Essay on Gun...

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David Martin Essay on Gun Control Due 11/05/2010 Gun control is a serious issue that Americans deal with on a regular basis. It has been discussed in classrooms, daily life, and court. During this paper you will hear the pros and cons of why gun control is a major issue to Americans. You will first hear the pros with supported documentation. Then, you will hear the cons; also with supported documentation. Finally, you will hear my opinion on gun control. Many Americans feel that we have the right to bear arms. This is in our Constitution that was established by our fore fathers. According to an article from the New york Times “.. House speaker Newt Gingrich promised the National Rifle Association in 1994 that he would overturn the assault- weapons ban after it was passed by only one vote in the House.” This caused a mighty uproar in the House of Representatives and among many Americans. Americans felt that the ban should stay in- tacked. Having this ban overturned would allow people to carry concealed weapons. This would also
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